John and Michelle White

John and Michelle White


In 2002, filled with the desire to serve those with less, John and Michelle White ventured on their own to see how they might help the poor of Guatemala. During their trip they discovered that those who lived in poverty did not have potable water and many without any indoor plumbing. Once home they decided to do something about the water. They learned about a simple ceramic water filter which could purify water to be 99.95% free of all bacteria. The filter was inexpensive and would last a family for up to five years. The Whites formed HEART for the Nations, a non-profit, to accomplish their goal, to provide clean water to those most in need.

HEART for the Nations is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Project Haiti 2018

Our first project in Haiti was in 2010 following the devastating earthquake. At that time we were able to purchase 50 water filters from a factory in the Dominican Republic and distribute them in the Port-Au-Prince area. This March we have scheduled an investigative trip to meet people, visit other NGOs, collect data, locate cities, organizations, and potters with the intention of building a water filter factory. Once the groundwork is complete we will invite Potters for Peace to Haiti to begin construction of a Haitian-based ceramic water filter factory.

Past Projects

2002 - 2016 Distributed ceramic water filters in Guatemala to serve over 20,000 people in the Lake Atitlan region.

2008 - Funded the rebuilding of a ceramic water filter factory in Myanmar following the 2008 Tsumani.

2010 Distributed 50 ceramic water filters in Port au Prince, Haiti following the earthquake

2010 Distributed 100 water filters to potters in Nicaragua who work with Potters for Peace.

2019 Training for factory construction, WASH program, ceramic filter making, education, marketing, packaging.